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So you're thinking about setting up you're own company!  Well done, we salute you in taking the first step of finding out how to go about it and what its going to take to make it a real success.  Seriously, well done you!  Too many people have an idea or create an initial vision and don't take any further action, often to find some time later that someone else did exactly what they'd thought of doing and are loving life!


Becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier.  With advances in technology, finance and communications changing the world landscape, the barriers to entry have never been more manageable.  With this is mind its no wonder that more and more people are opting for an alternative to the “traditional” career.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a simple thing.  An entrepreneur is simply someone who has had a commercial idea or vision and believes the perceived rewards outlay the associated risks.

There are however a few questions that need answering and a few lessons best learned at the start of your journey.

We help individuals create a clear vision and as far as possible manage the risk by taking the pro-active steps necessary to maximise your success.


Our “Entrepreneur Academy” Programme delivers all the core skills necessary to take your business from a idea through to a positive, trading entity.

We deliver our programmes via:

  • Class Based Learning - Interactive group sessions with key teaching areas and syndicated group learning workshops.

  • Group Based Workshops.

  • Face-to-face Executive Coaching Sessions

  • 1-2-1 Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • Monthly Syndicated Learning Groups.


Based over a 24 week core programme, the initial skills delivery is based on key modules covering the core commercial areas that every enterprise needs to really be aware of.


Topics include:

  • Truly knowing yourself and creating a concise, commercially viable vision

  • How to build a brand

  • Market and competitor analysis

  • General commerciality

  • Sales, Marketing and Communication

  • Creating Business and Commercial Plans

  • Finance, Funding and Accounting.

  • Customer attraction, profiling and care

  • Technology: enabling business.  Websites/Databases/Contact Systems

  • Management and leadership skills.

  • Staff - HR, Onboarding, Appraising and Motivating

  • Operations, Organisation and Legal Contracts.

In total you will receive:

  • 10 class based teaching and learning sessions.

  • 6 1-2-1 Executive Coaching Sessions with a trained coach who can personally demonstrate aproven track record as a successful entrepreneur themselves.

  • 3 Evening Group Workshops

  • 12 months access to our online support desk for technical, operational and administrative support and guidance.

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